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Farmhaus is the one man furniture studio of Ben McBrien based in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.  


I started Farmhaus in 2010 as a young father with a need for a flexible schedule after spending my youth learning/working at every phase of construction to fund my surfing addiction.  My intention: to find function, purpose and beauty in the discarded remains of Philadelphia’s outdated housing and to have as small an impact as possible while spending my time and life force on the projects that i find the most fulfilling and fun.  I make what can from what I have.  That is to say my best works are inspired by the materials they are created from and my favorite materials are inspired by the city I live in and forests nearby.  Though I do not exclusively use reclaimed wood i do try to be mindful of my footprint and committed to finding the most efficient use for whatever wood comes through the shop. In addition to a hoard of salvaged wood, I stock the shop with ethically sourced American hardwoods like Ash and Walnut.


At this Point in time, all of my work is built to order.  If you see something you like please feel free to ask me to repeat.  i might not be able to make it identical but ill most likely make it better.   I love to learn as i build and refine my process so with each iteration i feel the design and outcome improves.  



I hope you like my moves….Farmhaus 

Ben McBrien




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