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Summer 2023


1936 N Second St.
Philadelphia, PA

Featuring the works of Rich Cali, Jim Olarte, Nick Lavecchia, Charlie Nutting, Keely Angel, Chris Pfeil, Scott Szgesky, Butch Sullivan, Kevin Mirsky, Dave Shoemaker, Jordan Kendall Parks, and Ben McBrien.

Past Shows



August 11-22 2023

An exhibition of contemporary 
Furniture, Photography,
Art and Craft

Alex Weinstein
Nick Lavecchia
Dave Shoemaker
Scott Szgesky
Butch Sullivan
Keely Angel
Kevin Mirsky
Jordan Parks
Sean O'Brien
Chris Pfiel
Ben McBrien
Mike Ball
Jim Olarte


Parlor Gallery

717 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ




I am Popping-Up in Asbury Park this mid-summer.  from July 15th - August 15th I am displaying my work in collaboration with many of the artists that I have worked with or known over my 20 year path to discovering that I'm an Artist too.  I've made some unique furniture and sculpture pieces from wood, metal and stone and am placing it in a setting amongst the Art and Artistry of my many talented friends.  The name: Dow-na-shoor is a play on the hoagie mouth dialect of Kensington where I make all these wares inspired by my town & country lifestyle and where I hope to show them to you. It's my escape from the grime and heat of city for the hottest part of summer.  In addition to furniture makers Leeward studio and Noevarra I have artists Mike Ball, Keith Greiman, Knifemaker Butch Sullivan and Ceramics by Felt&Fat all shoobies coming down from Philly.  And all the way down from Maine my old friends Nick Lavecchia and Ty Williams sent some arts to bejewel the walls in the gallery.  Every thing will be for sale with the art and larger items available for pick-up, shipping or local deliveries on or after aug. 15. open weds-sun 10-6pm  COME SEE!


January 2022

Fairmount Haus Gallery

The Big News: I will be Displaying some of the furniture I  have been making this year at the Fairmount House Gallery 206 Fairmount Avenue,Philadelphia, PA, 19123 ) Opening Reception Feb. 5 from 5-8pm

All the Pieces are built with an improvisational spirit from Refuse, Offcuts, Leftovers, and Trash.  I spent most of the fall in a trance, watching from out of body, while my hands diligently created whatever whimsical item some inner voice commanded. No plans and very few measurements were utilized in the construction process while instead I picked from my hoard,  let shit happen and fixed what didn't work out on first try.  It was simultaneously cathartic and chaotic; frustrating and fulfilling. There was joy, there was grief and when all the dust settled I had over a dozen small tables, benches and stools built from wood, stone, steel and brass. All one of a kind experiments and prototypes that I never knew I wanted to make until they made themselves.  I can't wait to show them to you!


February 2019

Simmons Coffee Table

My latest shape pays homage to one of the pioneers of hydrodynamic design.  Bob Simmons was making surfboards in the 1940s, first from balsa wood and later foam and glass, with the single goal of going fast.  He was riding twin fins before single fins became the norm and didn't return to the light until the fishes of the shortboard revolution more than a decade later. His square, wide highly foiled boards were more than 2 feet shorter than was the convention and incorporated sidecuts, a concept that is really only now gaining popularity amongst surfers/shapers.  He was scooping concaves and foiling rails at a time when the other surfers were riding square edged Blake style "Kookboxes" and he seemed to possess an understanding of planing that was generations ahead of his time.  A kindred spirit with a need to go fast and do it his way.  


The white oak top is hand-shaped using power tools and is a literal take on the ubiquitous "Surfboard" style tables of the Mid-Century.  The ash legs are thru-tennoned/wedged and blackened with iron.  


This design is one i plan to repeat and expound upon.  i just finished version 3 in Walnut and am planning version 4 with a magazine rack below. Feel free to contact to custom order.  

Stay Tuned...

BUILT     for     SPEED

January 2019


I believe I'm outside the box with this one, a commissioned dining table for clients in the windy city.  I happened to be working on a curved railing (post to follow) in my studio during their visit and this base idea jumped out of my skull when asked what the base for a 9'x 5' oval top might look like.  

I named this one the "Cow-catcher" since i thought the curved base pedestals resemble the grill on the front of an olde time steam engine (to me anyway). The base is built from Ash and Steel and the top is burnt Ash with brass patches and butterfly.  

Its a scary place, this area outside my box, fraught with insecurity and self doubt.  There are few references to compare my design with and many opportunities to lose motivation over the course of the build. I almost lost a thumb to my jointer whilst making this one.  I am super thankful to the clients for their belief in my vision and ability to see outside the box, and proud to deliver something this unique. 

The shape of folk to come